Protection from Harmful Social Media Posts Using AI Technology

LifeBrand is an extremely innovative SaaS/AI company that was founded to protect individuals and other organizations from potentially harmful social media posts.


Thomas “T.J.” Colaiezzi spent nearly two decades as a high-level executive in the fitness industry. It was here that he realized that social media was too important to overlook during the hiring process. It bothered him that almost every company “snoops” on candidates’ social media behind the scenes. TJ became determined to bring social media screening “above table” by including employees in the process in hopes of making social media background checks as compliant and commonplace as criminal background checks and credit checks.

After months of searching for a compliant solution that gets users’ consent and protects both employees and employers alike, he couldn’t find anything.

That’s when TJ saw that a huge problem existed that needed a solution. That’s when LifeBrand was born.

TJ is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and business nerd, fascinated by the process of starting something small and growing it into something special. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family (especially his two daughters), woodworking, golfing, watching all Philadelphia Sports Teams, and enjoying good food and fine spirits.

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