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Thought leaders drive business forward.

Thought Leader Magazine tells you HOW.

At TLM, we celebrate innovators, groundbreakers, and front runners whose big risks bring big rewards, for their companies and the industries they serve.

In 2018 Chris Carr and a number of individuals at Farotech developed Thought Leader Magazine as a celebration of innovation.

Every day, Farotech works alongside game-changing companies to develop digital marketing strategies that generate leads and nurtures them until they become not just customers but enthusiastic brand ambassadors. We wanted to do more than their marketing – we wanted to tell their stories.

The in-depth interviews you’ll find in TLM tell you what it really takes to turn a great idea into a product or service that’s vital, not just viable. Here, experts from across the corporate world reveal…

  • New problem-solving strategies that got them past massive obstacles and beyond major mistakes
  • Savvy marketing enabled them to get noticed in a noisy marketplace and grow a devoted customer following
  • Crucial choices that let them crack open and transform their industries

When you read TLM, you’re joining a conversation in c-suites where forward thinkers are reshaping business and the world for the better.

Join the discussion! We take your feedback seriously, and invite you to engage, learn, and grow with us.

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