Successfully guiding students through the college-selection process

Aspirans owner and founder discusses how their consultants help high school students be confident in their college decision, helping them through the process and walking with them through their career options.


Rachel Fretz-Cianci from Aspírian Educational Consulting Firm

Rachel Fretz-Cianci, founder and owner of Aspírian Educational Consulting Firm, has over 15 years experience in higher education. Her progressive experience in admissions, recruitment academic advising, counseling, and teaching provides a well-rounded perspective on the academic, social, emotional, and financial decisions that go along with choosing the right college. She is committed to adding value and exceeding expectations through creative idea generation, initiative, collaborative problem solving, disciplined decision-making, and a client-advocate mindset. Rachel is able to focus on strategic planning and critical details, while managing multiple priorities in an ever-changing academic environment. She excels at dealing with diverse, multicultural populations and aligning outcomes with the Aspírian mission.

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